About us

The idea originated with Wim Van Laethem & Sammy Declercq. 
Both men have had an IT sales career at one of the largest IT suppliers worldwide.
Both were very motivated in this job and went for the full 100%. 
However, that 100% motivation was decreasing fast because the price-quality ratio dit not apply at all.
Both Wim and Sammy stopped in this business because They dissargree that skyrocketing prices had to be paid for products that could actually be much cheaper.
Hence Wim and Sammy went looking for a 3rd person who could help them to realize their dreams.
That 3rd person is Peter Verstraete. A technician with years of experience in web design & IT with the same ideas and enthusiasm as Wim & Sammy.
The dream which we realize is Pi-XL vzw. Pi-XL vzw offers web design to SME's. This at correct and fair prices.
+ The profits are used to help people instead of letting it disappear in the big bosses their pockets!
All proceeds from Pi-XL go towards organizing language camps for young people, even from marginalized groups.
Because let's be honest, language and knowledge is VERY important in life today.